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China plans to complete the process of building space station with new mission

China is getting ready to send off a three-man mission to finish work on its long-lasting circling space station.

The China Manned Space Agency said its spaceship took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on the edge of the Gobi Desert on Sunday morning at around 10:44 am neighborhood time (0244 GMT).

The Shenzhou-14 group will burn through a half year on the Tiangong station, during which they will regulate the expansion of two research center modules to join the primary Tianhe living space that was sent off in April 2021.

Administrator Chen Dong and individual space explorers Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe will gather the three-module structure joining the current Tianhe with Wentian and Mengtian, due to show up in July and October.

“All arrangements for the send off are fundamentally prepared,” said Lin Xiqiang, an organization official.

One more freight make, the Tianzhou-3, remains docked with the station.

China’s space programme

China’s space program sent off its initial space explorer into space in 2003, making China just the third country to do so all alone after the previous Soviet Union and the US.

It has landed robot meanderers on the moon and put one on Mars the year before. China has likewise returned lunar examples and authorities have examined a potential run mission to the moon.

China’s space program is controlled by the decision Communist Party’s tactical wing, the People’s Liberation Army, provoking the US to prohibit it from the International Space Station.

Chen, Liu and Cai will be joined toward the finish of their central goal for three to five days by the team of the impending Shenzhou 15, denoting whenever the station first will have had six individuals on board.

The space station will have a planned life expectancy of 10 years. At 180 tons, it will be marginally heavier than Russia’s decommissioned Mir, and around 20% of the International Space Station by mass.

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