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183 days in space: China finishes longest maintained space mission

Three Chinese space travelers got back to Earth on Saturday following 183 days in space, state TV revealed, finishing the nation’s longest manned space mission to date.

The space travelers landed nine hours after they left a critical module of China’s first space station.

While in circle, the Shenzhou-13 mission space travelers took manual control in the Tianhe living quarters module for what state media called a “docking test” with the Tianzhou-2 freight space apparatus.

Following their send off in October, the space travelers – Zhai Zhigang, Ye Guangfu and a female group part Wang Yaping – burned through 183 days in space, finishing the fifth of 11 missions expected to complete the space station before the year’s over.

China’s own space station

Shenzhou-13 was the second of four arranged run missions to finish development of the space station, which started last April. Shenzhou-12 returned to Earth in September.

China’s next two missions will be Tianzhou-4, a freight space apparatus, and the three-man Shenzhou-14 mission, Shao Limin, representative innovation supervisor of Manned Spaceship System was cited by state media as saying.

Banned by the United States from partaking in the International Space Station (ISS) in a circle, China has gone through the previous ten years creating innovations to assemble its own space station, the only one on the planet other than the ISS.

China, which expects to turn into a space power by 2030, has effectively sent off tests to investigate Mars and turned into the principal country to land a shuttle on the furthest side of the Moon.

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